Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics for Financial Advisors in 2024

Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics for Financial Advisors in 2024

Generating leads has always been essential to the success and growth of your business. However, as the world evolves, so do the best ways to earn high-quality leads. For example, while traditional outbound marketing strategies like cold calling used to be a great way to generate leads, today, an inbound marketing strategy is more effective, engaging, and relevant to the consumer. 

Looking for up-to-date strategies that will help you grow your business? Below, you’ll discover 4 of the most effective lead generation tactics for 2024. 

Social Media

Not only does an effective social media strategy increase brand awareness, but it's a great way to engage and connect with consumers. There are many different social media platforms where your business can reach your target consumers. 

Facebook Ads

With approximately 2.8 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular platform to advertise on. Facebook ads target relevant audiences by allowing you to create customized targeting settings based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. 

What’s more, Facebook ads can be created in many different types of formats, including stories, newsfeed posts, single images, carousel images, or videos. This means you can pick the format that best suits the message you want to convey and best resonates with your audience.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are great for B2B business, as many of their target audience will be on this platform. Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn ads target specific audiences based on location, demographics, industries, and more. Again, like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to create ads in different formats, such as carousel images, video, text posts, and more.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a constantly growing platform—therefore, the pool for potential high-quality leads will just continue to grow when you advertise on this platform. Furthermore, Facebook and Instagram are connected platforms, so targeting the correct audience is easy since you can use Facebook data to target certain audiences.

Thirdly, people on Instagram are more likely to engage with companies and the ads they post. In fact, according to a study conducted by Yotpo, users were 58 times more likely to engage with a brand’s ads on Instagram compared to Facebook. This discrepancy was even larger when it came to Twitter; users were 120 times more likely to engage with ads on instagram compared to Twitter.

Google Ads

Google ads bring your business to the top of the search page and attract the attention of prospects. Google is the number one search engine in the world, so therefore your ads will have an extremely large reach. You can target your ideal audience by what keywords they are searching as well—so you aren’t targeting people who don’t want to be targeted. You are targeting those who are actively searching for your product or service as a solution to their problem. What is the result? An increased likeness of generating leads and, in turn, an increase in your sales.

What’s more, with Google Ads, you can target consumers in every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting different keywords and phrases. For example, if you are a computer manufacturer, a good keyword to target during the Awareness Stage is, “When to know it’s time to get a new laptop.” For consumer’s later in the buyer’s journey (in the Decision Stage) targeting a long-tail keyword with your specific model that you sell is an effective strategy. 

Content Marketing

SEO optimized content can attract high-quality leads to your website by bringing them to your page organically through search engines. Content can cater to customers in every stage of the buyer’s journey as well. For example, if you are a car dealership, you can cater to those in the beginning stages of buying a car by writing a helpful article on the benefits of buying vs. leasing a car. For prospects in the later stages of the buyer’s journey, you can create a more specific piece that goes over the impressive specs and features of one of your new models. 

By creating an ideal mix of promotional and non-promotional content, this type of marketing is a great way to generate high-quality leads. This is because content marketing positions your business as a trusted and knowledgeable industry leader, making it more likely that consumers will feel comfortable doing business with your company.

Content marketing can also be repurposed in many ways, meaning your business can increase the chances of generating leads without using additional time, effort, or other resources. For example, content can be shared on social channels, paid ads, or email campaigns. Larger content items, such as an ebook or guide, can be created as gated content on a landing page that requires prospects to fill out contact information. 

Chatbots and AI

Chatbots and AI are relatively new ways to generate leads. This tactic increases your lead generation by offering a better customer experience.

For one, AI and chatbots enhance the customer experience by offering faster response rates to customers and potential leads. These quicker response times will make for a more convenient and pleasant experience for the prospect, while also showing the prospect that they are valued by your company. 

Secondly, AI also offers better customer service through its ability to create a more personalized experience for prospects. AI can analyze the data of those who visit your website and relay specific messages and prompts to certain users. This creates a more seamless, streamlined experience for these website visitors, which, in turn, makes it more likely that they will convert into leads.

Get Started on These 4 Lead Generation Strategies and See Your Business Grow

The world—especially the digital world—is constantly evolving. Therefore, your business needs to keep up with these changes in order to continue to thrive. If you are looking to generate more leads and revenue for your business, consistently implementing these strategies are effective ways to reach these crucial business goals.

Looking for more information on how to create the best lead generation strategy for your unique business? Request a free consultation with AdvisorForward to start growing your business today!