We Help Trusted Advisors Create Predictable Growth Using A.I.

No more nurturing, no more follow ups, and no more manually booking leads onto your calendar.



Conversational A.I. Is The New Wave


We're partnered with 1 of 16 people in the entire world who have Google A.I. patents right now and we're able to leverage this partnership by providing you with a system that can mimic human conversation.

  • We take 80-95% of the "work" out of following up with your leads. You're great on the phone, and we're great at getting people on the phone with you. 

  • We can train our system to convert your leads, have conversations, and get qualified leads to book directly on your calendar for you.  

  • We can long term nurture and convert unresponsive leads and reach those people on text, email, voice mail, and on the phone without needing anything from you.



We help personal injury, immigration, and employment lawyers connect with qualified leads.


We help home, life and auto insurance agents speak to more qualified prospects automatically.


We help mortgage brokers and lenders find more qualified applicants to purchase or refinance homes.


We help dentists, chiropractors, med spas, and weight loss professionals schedule more appointments.


Stop Getting Stuck Because You Can't Find Worthwhile Clients

Book more appointments with qualified prospects ...automatically.

Wouldn't it be nice to have people reach out to YOU and book directly on YOUR calendar so you don't have to worry about prospecting anymore?
Chances are, your list of previous clients, leads you've worked, and leads you've bought has PURE GOLD that you can tap into right now. Most trusted advisors lose up to 80% of deals they can work with because they aren't consistently patient, persistent, and polite with their ideal customers. We have the ability to fix this problem once and for all.


We work alongside successful service providers who need help because they're lacking the bandwidth to maximize their follow up, scheduling, and closing their leads.


We Target Your Ideal Clients With In-Market Data

We have data partners that give us the ability to target people who are displaying online behavior that shows they need an advisor right now.  


We Use Proven Ads Funnels To Capture Qualified Leads

We aren't "learning" how to run your ads. We have proven numbers, ads that attract your ideal clients, and funnels that convert them into leads.


We Qualifying and Book Your Leads For You

Once we capture your ideal clients as leads, we have a proven A.I. booking & nurturing system to convert those people into qualified phone calls booked for you. 


We Continuously Optimize Your Ads, Follow Ups, & Calls

We don't stop lowering your costs or maximizing the quantity of leads we capture. Our system is always communicating with your ads to improve quality & cost.


How a Personal Injury Firm Increased Their Response Rates from 30% to 80% in 30 Days

A Personal Injury Law Firm was looking for a more efficient way to follow up with leads and book appointments. They were using Active Campaign to nurture leads with follow up emails, but were only getting 30% of their leads to respond to their consultation offer.
After 30 days of using our AI lead generation solution...

  • Their response rate increased from 30% to 80%

  • Their schedule rate jumped from 42% to 65%

  • They produced 57 new cases from their old leads that were unresponsive to their previous campaign!


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